Job title: Transportation Field Supervisor/Executive – RAIPUR


Job description: Requirements

  • Street Smart&EnergeticMalerequired;Agegroup:-24-40years
  • Educational : Commerce Graduate
  • Professional:Minimum2-3years’experienceinSteel Scrap industry
  • Technical : Knowledge of Iron & Steel Scrap to evaluate material quality & quantity in a given situation


Social Media Strategy part time job/internship at Bangalore in TVAST Official
  • Filing of Office related Documents &Misc Bank Work
  • Data Entry for various reports & correspondence
  • Working knowledge of office and computer equipment
  • Basic understanding of Preparation & Maintenance of Office Expenses, Vouchers, Bills other Misc Expenses
  • Report on the status of accounts payable& receivable
  • Bill submission in client offices/factories
  • Correspondence on Email & other platforms related to Office equipments
  • Database Management of Misc Office Vendors
  • Document & Paperwork Follow ups on phone & Collection of same
  • Correspondence with Branch & Head Office Backend Team


  • Teamwork&commongoalachievementabilities
  • Strongcommunicationskills & time-managementabilities
  • Motivationtolearnconstantlyandgrowwithteammembers
  • Familiaritywithfieldrelatedduties
  • Understandingofconvincing&addingnewfleetowners,transporters&brokers, gas cutters, loaders, etc

Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Job date: Fri, 22 Sep 2023 06:43:47 GMT