Job title: Sr.Executive Materials

Company: Ashjoe Cold Chain Establishment

Job description: The Job Description May Include The Following Key Aspects Procurement and Sourcing: Collaborate with vendors and suppliers to negotiate terms, pricing, and contracts for the acquisition of raw materials, components, and finished goods. Evaluate potential suppliers based on their quality, reliability, and ability to meet production demands. Develop and implement sourcing strategies to minimize costs while maintaining quality standards. Inventory Management: Monitor and control inventory levels to ensure an optimal balance between supply and demand. Utilize inventory management software and tools to track inventory movement, identify slow-moving or obsolete items, and manage replenishment orders. Implement efficient inventory control methods, such as ABC analysis, to categorize items based on their importance and consumption patterns. Demand Forecasting: Collaborate with sales and production teams to gather information on demand forecasts. Use historical data and market trends to create accurate demand forecasts, ensuring that materials are available to support production schedules and customer orders. Logistics and Distribution: Plan and execute the distribution of materials to various internal departments or production units. Coordinate with logistics partners to optimize transportation routes and delivery schedules. Ensure timely and accurate delivery of materials to meet production timelines and customer requirements. Supplier Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with suppliers to foster collaboration and address any issues that may arise. Conduct supplier performance evaluations and audits to assess compliance with quality and delivery standards. Cost Management: Identify cost-saving opportunities through supplier negotiations, bulk purchasing, and process optimization. Monitor expenses related to materials, transportation, and storage to ensure adherence to budgetary constraints. Risk Management: Mitigate supply chain risks by developing contingency plans for potential disruptions in material supply. Stay informed about geopolitical, economic, and industry-specific factors that could impact the availability of materials. Process Improvement: Continuously review and refine materials management processes to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and streamline operations. Implement best practices and adopt new technologies to optimize material flow and inventory management. Team Leadership: Supervise and mentor a team of materials coordinators, analysts, and other staff members. Provide guidance, training, and support to ensure team members perform effectively and meet departmental goals. Reporting and Analysis: Generate regular reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess materials management performance and make informed decisions. Analyze data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance materials management strategies. In summary, a Senior Executive of Materials plays a pivotal role in optimizing the entire materials management lifecycle, from procurement to distribution. This position requires strong leadership skills, analytical abilities, negotiation prowess, and a deep understanding of supply chain dynamics. Regenerate

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Job date: Fri, 15 Mar 2024 23:14:18 GMT