Job title: Skandhanshi – Senior Manager – Legal & Compliance

Company: Skandhanshi Infra Projects India Private Limited

Job description: Job Title : Senior Manager Legal & Compliance , Skandhanshi Group – Diversified Verticals

Department: Legal & Compliance

Security Guard Security officer

Location: Hyderabad

Reporting Manager: Business Head

Position Overview:

The Senior Manager – Legal plays a crucial role in providing legal guidance, compliance assurance, and

intellectual property rights protection to the company. This position involves various legal aspects,

including non-litigation, compliance, intellectual property rights, and support to different divisions. The

Senior Manager – Legal acts as a liaison between internal and external personnel to ensure legal and

regulatory compliance and supports the company’s risk management efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Legal (Non-Litigation):

– Provide legal opinions and advisory services on various legal matters.

– Draft and vet documents, including contracts, agreements, notices, and other legal documents.

– Maintain a repository of contracts, agreements, and legal documents.

– Contribute to negotiations involving key contract terms, conditions, and pricing.

2. Compliance:

– Ensure that all corporate processes and procedures comply with applicable laws and regulations.

– Ensure that company operations adhere to internal standards.

3. IPR Protection:

– Manage the filing and registration of new trademarks and copyrights.

– Handle renewals of existing trademarks and copyrights.

– Maintain a Management Information System (MIS) of all trademarks and copyrights.

– Draft and finalize replies to objections, oppositions, and issue cease & desist notices when required.

4. Functional & Divisional Support:

– Ensure the company’s operations comply with legal requirements.

– Develop checklists and quality controls for regulatory and statutory inspections and audits.

– Assist in evaluating the adequacy of procedures and risk assessment and management for various business transactions.

5. Legal (Litigation):

– Provide assistance in all aspects of litigation management, including legal research, factual investigation, documents preparation, document management, and trial preparation.

– Act as a liaison between the company, company counsel, opposing counsel, vendors, and witnesses.

– Prepare and maintain track records of legal matters.

Qualifications and Requirements:

– Bachelors degree in law (LLB)/ Masters in LLM and a valid license to practice law.

– Minimum 12 years of relevant legal experience.

– Sound knowledge of Indian corporate and intellectual property laws.

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

– Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

– Attention to detail and the ability to work independently.

– Strong project management and organizational skills.

The Senior Manager – Legal & Compliance will play a vital role in ensuring the company’s legal compliance, risk mitigation, and intellectual property protection. The individual will work closely with various departments and external parties to safeguard the company’s legal interests and contribute to its overall success.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana – Andhra Pradesh

Job date: Sun, 12 Nov 2023 23:18:49 GMT