Job title: Server Support

Company: Netventure Digital Solutions

Job description: We are looking for a server support candidate to join our team. Requirements: Setting up environment and hosting and configuring projects. Experience of testing server configuration and website using different testing tools. i.e ab and siege. Experience with AWS and azure is required. Strong experience with SQL and MYSQL. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments. Git and GitHub sources code management( version control system ). Responsible for the maintenance , configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems , network server, and virtualization. Perform or delegate regular backup operations and implement appropriate processes for data protection, disaster recovery, and failover procedures. Lead , desktop and help desk support efforts, making sure all desktop application, workstations, and related equipment problems and resolved in a timely manner with limited disruptions.

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Job date: Fri, 26 Jan 2024 23:00:15 GMT