Job title: Senor Patent Analyst

Company: GreyB

Job description: Job Location: Chandigarh (on-site Opportunity) Who we are We are a team of strategic thinkers who have led some of the largest technology launches, litigations, and lawsuits in the industry We have in our DNA to always find a way and we like to work with the same. What are we looking for We Are Looking For IP Professionals Who Have More than 3 years of experience in the IP Industry, and have hands on experience of working on projects like portfolio mining, patent acquisition studies, claim chart preparation, etc. Ability to mentor 2 team members and chalk out their growth plans. Have been consistently doing so for past 1-2 years Ability to provide top quality work output in 3-4 projects in parallel and with top efficiency i e within allotted time Ability to take client calls from both technical as well as business aspects Ability to articulate and communicate their thoughts effectively verbally and also on paper. Willingness to undertake initiatives for both team growth and personal development. Ability to come up with root cause analysis to various team related challenges and provide solutions to tackle the team related challenges. What will you get from this role(provided you work hard) In the span of 2-3 years working in this role, you would learn and accrue skills that may even take another 6 years to gather anywhere else in the industry. Strategist being an IP professional doesnt mean doing product/patent search and preparing mapping reports. There is much more to IP than that. At GreyB we focus on holistic growth and help our team leaders get to the next level by learning and implementing IP strategy. Leadership You will be given the chance to lead a team of 2 8 members and it may keep on increasing if you show the capability to handle more You will work with upper management to understand the leadership and what it takes to lead by example. Innovation You will gain an understanding of how innovation is changing this industry Plus you will be involved in GreyBs innovation cycle, you can give inputs plus learn how innovation is approached. Skills to make you an expert GreyB leaders will help you create a name in the industry and be recognized as an expert Along with that, all the skills needed to call you an expert will be imparted. Growth never seen before Cant emphasis more on this Super important for us to help you grow at a faster pace. What will you get from this role You will be given hands on live projects to work on for few weeks along with handling a unit of 1-2 team members Once you showcase the ability and you have learnt the GreyB way of delivery quality you will be given more responsibility like managing project independently, interacting with clients, handling more members, project planning, etc. Once you get well versed with the responsibilities and start handling your share of work, youll be provided with an opportunity of growing your team by training new people under them. In subsequent months or so, multiple projects will be provided to the to manage and provide top quality output with top efficiency. This work is no joke Youd better be willing and able to learn quickly, work hard, and get results This is NOT for someone who wants to play start up This role is for a hustler looking for an incredible opportunity to use their drive to learn invaluable skills and advance quickly. Here is a grey shout out to all the achievers out there Attempt joining GreyB if you believe you can be a strategist behind billion dollar IP decisions save companies million of dollars in a litigation, and if you are motivated enough to believe that you can grow as much as you desire to This place is for those who seek escalation in all aspects without any claustrophobic upper limits So, attempt joining us. And before you send your CV! Try to standout This means avoiding the typical, mundane, and generic template CV that recruiters see all too often Remember, your CV is your first chance to make an impression, so make it count!

Location: Chandigarh

Job date: Sat, 04 May 2024 22:38:37 GMT