Job title: Sciencegician (aka Science Educator)

Company: Refining Skills Academy

Job description: Job Title: Sciencegician

Job Overview:

Presales Engineer

As a science teacher, you get to be a mad scientist (minus the evil laugh and the laboratory mishaps, of course). You’ll take your students on an exciting journey of discovery, exploring the mysteries of the universe and the inner workings of living organisms. You’ll conduct experiments, grade lab reports, and work with colleagues to create an atmosphere of scientific inquiry and wonder.

Who can apply?

A Ph.D. in Mad Science (okay, okay… a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in science education or related field will also do).

0 to 2 years of experience in creating and delivering captivating science lessons (preferably with some explosions involved).

Excellent communication skills to explain complex scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way.

A sense of humor and willingness to embrace the unexpected (because science can be unpredictable!).

A passion for science and a desire to ignite that same passion in students.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Be the ultimate guide! Teach and support students of different ages and abilities.

Be the examiner! Prepare students for exams and track their progress to ensure success.

Be the boss of fun! Manage classroom behavior and create engaging lessons and curriculum materials.

Be the brainiac! Keep up-to-date with subject knowledge and utilize learning resources.

Be the wizard! Select and use different resources and equipment to teach.

Be the communicator! Keep parents in the loop, collaborate with other professionals, and organize extracurricular activities to enhance learning.

Employment Type:

Part Time, Work from Home

Office Timing:

6 days per week (5PM – 8PM)


Kumara Park

Joining Date:

June 2024


20,000 per month gross salary(Hourly Basis)

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Job date: Sat, 27 Jan 2024 03:49:08 GMT