Job title: R & D Assistant

Company: Renutron Power Solutions

Job description: Data Collection: Gathering and organizing data, research materials, and experimental results for analysis by research teams Laboratory Assistance: Assisting in laboratory experiments, including preparing equipment, instruments, and materials for testing and research Documentation: Maintaining detailed records of research procedures, observations, and outcomes This documentation is crucial for tracking progress and ensuring data accuracy Literature Review: Conducting literature reviews to gather information and background knowledge related to the research area Sample Preparation: Preparing and handling research samples, such as chemicals, biological specimens, or materials Instrument Operation: Operating and maintaining laboratory instruments and equipment, such as microscopes, spectrometers, or research software Support for Prototyping: Assisting in the development and testing of prototypes and experimental models Data Analysis: Performing data analysis, statistical analysis, and data visualization to help researchers draw conclusions from their experiments Compliance and Safety: Ensuring compliance with safety protocols and ethical standards in research activities

Location: Panaji, Goa

Job date: Sun, 29 Oct 2023 22:56:19 GMT