Job title: Project Sales

Company: ABP Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Job description: BUSINESS VERTICAL:- Agri Processing – Enterprises involved in processing primary agricultural output, for example flour mills, sugar mills, staples processing and packaging etc. Cement – Companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of cement, a crucial component in construction, infrastructure, and building projects worldwide. Adhesives & Sealants – Companies that manufacture, sell, or produce adhesive chemicals and sealants. A chemical adhesive requires a chemical reaction to produce it, e.g. epoxy, silicones, polyamides. Agricultural Chemicals – Companies that engage in the production, manufacture, or development of specialty chemicals for use in the agricultural sector. Commodity Chemicals – Also known as bulk chemicals. Involves companies that produce and manufacture chemicals that are used mostly for manufacturing and industrials applications. Explosives – Companies that manufacture explosives or explosive material. Paints & Coatings – Companies engaged in the manufacturing of generic liquid coverings, paints, and coatings. Petrochemicals – Companies that produce chemicals from petroleum and natural gas. Iron and Steel – Companies engaged in the supply, distribution, and production of steel and other related metals. Engineering and Capital Goods – Companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of large-scale Heavy Machinery and Equipment, Testing Systems and Aerospace Technology Medical and Healthcare – Companies that manufacture and distribute medical devices & equipment, bulk organic and inorganic medicinal chemicals. FMCG, F&B – Companies engaged in rapid production and distribution of consumer products like toiletries, hygiene products, cosmetics, packaged/processed foods, and beverages, meeting daily household needs globally. Accessories – Companies that design and manufacture fashion accessories. Clothing & Footwear – Companies that design and manufacture clothing, apparel, and footwear. Consumer Electronics – Companies that manufacture electronic equipment intended for everyday use, typically in private homes. Examples include entertainment devices (TVs, video games etc.), communications (phones etc) and home office activities (desktops, laptops, printers etc.). Consumer Durables – Companies that design and manufacture household appliances and Furniture. Examples include refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, etc. Electronics and Systems – Companies that produce electronic equipment and physical components for the information technology industry. Automotive – Companies engaged in the production of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles, employing assembly lines and manufacturing processes to deliver automotive products to market. JOB RESPONSIBILITY:- Primary Responsibility Sales planning and management Achievement of secondary sales revenue in the assigned cluster Ensure complete market mapping, customer database in the assigned territory as per target Ensure customer centricity and control over demand generation through adequate and direct end-customer coverage Ensure adequate coverage of accounts across the market in the assigned territory as per the targets. Channel and account management Owns the Go-To-Market strategy developed by the organization and ensure 100% implementation Improve brand presence in the assigned vertical Responsible for new account development and / or increasing share of wallet in existing accounts Appointment of channel partners in markets without direct presence and whitespaces Ensure healthy ROI and minimum earnings for the channel partners 6 . Consistent monthly billing of all channel partners and timely collection of all outstanding sales Secondary Responsibility(Other areas of responsibilities like follow ups, being backup for team members, other activities Stakeholder management Negotiate orders and seek support from the management for important pricing matters Coordinate with various functions in the company to ensure customer requests are handled up appropriately Ensure compliance on key input and output metrics (e.g., market working norms, primary and secondary metrics) Conduct promotional activities like dealer get together, contractors get together, factory visits if required. ACCOUNTIBILITY & AUTHORITY Secondary sales achievement / growth vs. target Market expansion vs. target (both distribution and account expansion) Coverage and productivity (visits per day, #customers per month) End-customer landscape (% accounts with sales 1Cr. / % accounts covered) New customer accounts added per month Distribution health (growth in average DB size, Attrition)

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand

Job date: Sat, 04 May 2024 22:16:24 GMT