Job title: Project Manager – Manufacturing

Company: Dotflick Solutions

Job description: Role: Project Manager – ManufacturingKey Responsibilities:– Strategic Leadership: Develop corporate sustainability projects ensuring alignment with long-term business objectives. Lead efforts to systematically manage the projects.– Project Oversight: Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of sustainability, biodiversity, and climate change projects. Set clear project goals, monitor progress, and ensure successful project outcomes.– Team Management: Manage a team of sustainability, biodiversity professionals, species experts fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Provide guidance and support for team development.– Stakeholder Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, industry partners, and local communities. Collaborate on joint initiatives and represent the company in sustainability discussions.– Market Knowledge: Be updated about compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and standards. Stay informed about evolving sustainability and biodiversity requirements.– Reporting and Communication: Manage and check final deliverables reports, communicate progress to internal and external stakeholders, and enhance the company s reputation as a leader in sustainability.– Resource Allocation: Manage the budget and resources dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity programs, optimizing resource allocation for maximum impact.– Innovation and Research: Stay up to date on emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity conservation. Identify opportunities for innovation and integration into our initiatives.– To provide feedback into product development and participates in their development; collaborate to create, launch and track performance– Managing the complete sales cycle from business development and customer acquisition to receipt of payments.– Build long-term, value-based customer relationships with B2B partners that enable achievement of sales objectives, repetition of customers– To maintain historic data of business stakeholders – performance through scorecard– Ensure best customer service through effective communication amongst the operational Team– To forecast; determine the sales volume to Operation team for better customer centricity approach– Establish and foster partnerships and relationships with key customers both externally and internally.

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Job date: Fri, 15 Mar 2024 06:36:29 GMT