Job title: Principal Software Engineer, Skyvera (Remote) – $60,000/year USD

Company: Crossover

Job description: Crossover is the world’s #1 source of full-time remote jobs. Our clients offer top-tier pay for top-tier talent. We’re recruiting this role for our client, Skyvera. Have you got what it takes Skyvera is on the lookout for tech trailblazers ready to dive headfirst into the next wave of software development with AI as their co-pilot. Think less routine, more innovation. Here, AI isn’t just another tool-it’s your sidekick, elevating your coding skills to superhero status. Imagine conjuring code like magic, predicting and squashing bugs before they even emerge, and delivering groundbreaking solutions that leave customers in awe. This role is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in software development. You’ll be instrumental in crafting AI tools that clarify complex concepts, employing the latest in technology to upgrade your coding skills to superhero-level. Your objective is to elevate our enterprise software solutions, ensuring they lead the market in innovation, user satisfaction, and overall experience. Skyvera values driven, curious, and innovative individuals ready to explore new horizons. We’re charting a course towards a new way of working, with AI as our guide. Are you up for the challenge What You Will Be Doing Implementing AI from the ground up in projects, enhancing everything from feature development to problem-solving. Crafting AI-generated summaries to streamline knowledge across products, domains, or corporate intelligence, boosting team efficiency. Showcasing the power of AI in improving software development processes, emphasizing its role as a booster, not a replacement. What You Won’t Be Doing Dwelling on manual debugging. With AI, identify and resolve issues swiftly, leaving outdated methods behind. Getting caught in the management trap. Concentrate on what you do best-coding and creating innovative solutions-rather than getting sidetracked by managerial tasks. Principal Software Engineer Key Responsibilities Drive the integration of AI into our development process, setting new standards in innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for Skyvera’s product suite. Basic Requirements At least 2 years of experience in software development Primary proficiency in Java and C# with an ability to tackle any tech stack with AI tools Experience with cloud services & development (such as Lambda, EC2, PaaS, containerization, EKS, ECS, etc). Eagerness to be part of an AI-First future, exploring AI’s capabilities beyond conventional applications. About Skyvera Skyvera maintains your legacy, on-premise software, while reimagining its cloud-native future. There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. Hit the Apply button if you found this interesting and want to learn more. We look forward to meeting you! Working with Crossover This is a full-time (40 hours per week), long-term position. The position is immediately available and requires entering into an independent contractor agreement with Crossover. The compensation level for this role is $30 USD/hour, which equates to $60,000 USD/year assuming 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year. The payment period is weekly. Consult www.crossover.com/help-and-faqs for more details on this topic. What to expect next: You will receive an email with a link to start your self-paced, online job application. Our hiring platform will guide you through a series of online ‘screening’ assessments to check for basic job fit, job-related skills, and finally a few real-world job-specific assignments. Important! If you do not receive an email from us: First, emails may take up to 15 minutes to send, refresh and check again. Second, check your spam and junk folders for an email from Crossover.com, mark as ‘Not Spam’ since you will receive other emails as well. Third, we will send to whatever email account you indicated on the Apply form – by default, that is the email address you use as your LinkedIn username and it might be different than the one you have already checked. If all else fails, just reset your password by visiting https://www.crossover.com/auth/password-recovery if you already applied using LinkedIn EasyApply. Crossover Job Code: LJ-5260-IN-KamrupMe-PrincipalSoftw

Location: Dispur, Assam

Job date: Thu, 02 May 2024 22:27:02 GMT