Job title: Part time Radiologist

Company: Medico Hub

Job description: Overview The Part-time Radiologist plays a crucial role in the healthcare organization, providing expertise in diagnostic imaging and medical interpretation. They contribute to the accurate diagnosis and care of patients by producing and analyzing high-quality medical images. Key Responsibilities Perform diagnostic imaging procedures Interpret imaging results and provide accurate medical diagnosis Collaborate with healthcare teams to discuss patient treatment plans Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards in imaging processes Utilize radiology software and equipment for image capture and interpretation Communicate and explain imaging procedures to patients Participate in multidisciplinary meetings to review complex cases Contribute to ongoing research and development in radiological practices Advise on appropriate imaging modalities for different medical conditions Provide consultation to referring physicians and healthcare professionals Maintain accurate patient records and imaging reports Adhere to ethical and legal standards in the practice of radiology Participate in continuous education and training to stay updated on advancements in the field Ensure efficient time management to meet patient and organizational needs Participate in quality improvement initiatives and peer reviews Required Qualifications Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree Board certification in Radiology Licensure to practice as a Radiologist Completion of residency training in Radiology Experience in conducting and interpreting diagnostic imaging procedures Proficiency in using radiology software and equipment Strong understanding of medical ethics and patient confidentiality Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary healthcare environment Commitment to quality patient care and safety Detail-oriented with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities Ability to manage time efficiently and prioritize tasks effectively Continuous learning and professional development mindset Capability to handle high-pressure and time-sensitive situations Adherence to professional and organizational standards of practice Skills: patient care,medical interpretation,healthcare,professional development,radiology software,medical ethics,patient records,time management,quality improvement,radiology,diagnostic imaging procedures,communication,interpersonal skills

Location: Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Job date: Thu, 11 Apr 2024 22:59:46 GMT