Job title: Officer / Executive – QC Micro

Company: SDP HR Solution

Job description:

  • Actual Vs. Documentation
  • Microbial limit test finish product (A) Second day, (B) Forth day.
  • Microbial limit test water sample(A) Second day (B) Forth day.
  • Microbial limit test swab test(A) Second day (B) Forth day.
  • Grovåh promotion test (A) Mannitol salt agar, (B) Cetrimide agar, (C) MacConkey’s Broth,
  • (D) Rappaport Vassiliadis Salmonella Enrichment Broth, (E) Nutrient agar.
  • Pouring of media Plate (A) Mannitol salt agar (B) Cetrimide agar.
  • Culture Transfer.
  • Environmental monitoring of packing area, micro lab, laminar air flow.
  • Fumigation, Media Preparation, Plates Observation.

1.10Daily result Entry, Daily Sample entry, MIS (QC Lab).1.11 Calibration of Top Loading Balance on Daily Basis.1.12Documents: Microbial limit product, DM, RO and Raw water.1.13Media preparation and consumption record.1.14Daily calibration record of weighing balance.1.151ncubator log-book — 32 and 42.1.16Preparation of disinfectant solution record of micro.1.17Autoclave discard cycle, em of LAF.1.181JV light burning record1.19Eccentric calibration record for top loading balance.1.20Temp and rh micro lab. , temp record of refrigerator.1.21MLT of swab.1.22differential monitoring.1.23ERP work Include also in Daily Work.2 Activities: QC Analysis Report checking than inform to QC Manger.

Location: Anklesvar, Gujarat

Job date: Sat, 30 Mar 2024 03:29:30 GMT

Pediatrician - Hospital - DCH/DNB/MD (0-20 yrs) Maharashtra (Doctor)