Job title: Krishi Jagran – Content Writer (1-3 yrs) Delhi (Content/Design)

Company: Krishi Jagran Media Group

Job description: – Develop high-quality and engaging content focused on various aspects of agriculture, including farming practices, crop management, sustainable agriculture, and technological advancements. – Conduct thorough research on current agricultural trends, innovations, and market dynamics to ensure content accuracy and relevance. – Create original and informative content for articles, blogs, reports, and other platforms that resonate with the target audience. – Review and edit content for clarity, accuracy, and style. Ensure all content aligns with the organization’s tone and messaging. – Stay informed about the latest developments in agriculture, including emerging technologies, market trends, and policy changes. – Incorporate feedback from internal teams, clients, and readers to continuously improve the quality and relevance of agricultural content. – Engage with the agriculture community through comments, discussions, and social media to understand their needs and preferences. (ref:updazz.com)

Location: Delhi

Job date: Sat, 23 Mar 2024 06:16:45 GMT