Job title: Front-End Designer & WordPress Developer

Company: Pix Brand Pvt. Ltd.

Job description: Job Description We are currently expanding our development team with a skilled, team-oriented, and motivated Frontend & WordPress Developer willing to shape the products of tomorrow, as well as to keep growing his skills and expertise. Development experiences: You will transition projects from design to fully working WordPress solutions based on your custom-made WordPress theme, Site Editor, and custom-tailored Blocks. CSS preprocessors: You will build scalable responsive CSS systems with the help of SCSS/SASS preprocessors in order to maintain consistency and visual potency across all devices. JavaScript: To fulfill this role, you will need solid knowledge and working experience with JavaScript (ESNext and JSX) to create custom Gutenberg blocks. PHP: You will need solid PHP knowledge to set up a core custom theme and deal with Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields, and WordPress legacy file structure. Internal processes: You will help us improve our internal workflows, handbooks, templates, and processes. We’re a young and agile company and try to maintain a flat hierarchy. We empower you to bring your ideas to the table, improve our processes and take initiative for building the kind of agency you want to work for. Grow with us: As part of our strong company culture, you will engage with your team members on a daily basis, work closely with various departments (discovery, branding, design) and have development meetings and 1-on-1’s with Giannis in order to grow your skills and understanding of how a well-structured code can have a powerful impact on the businesses we work with. Help us grow: You will have the opportunity to share your work, knowledge, and impact the other team members across the company. Also, you will be able to attend our weekly coordination meeting with all company members. Preferred Experience You are an open-minded person who is focused, determined, good listener, and you aren’t afraid to make mistakes. You have an understanding of a standard agency workflow. Preferably you have at least 4 years of experience as a custom WordPress theme developer and have worked in an agency, tech company, or as a freelancer on commercial WordPress solutions. WordPress: You have advanced hands-on experience using and customizing core components of the latest WordPress content editor, you feel very comfortable setting up and creating custom WordPress theme from scratch, setting up Custom Post types and Taxonomies**,** managing the way they appear inside the project, and utilizing Custom Post types or Advanced Custom Fields plugin to act as a data resource for Custom created blocks. You are familiar with and ready to embrace all the features that Full site editing is bringing to WordPress. Strong CSS skill: You are very capable when it comes to building reusable classes, and responsive CSS code that works both on desktop and mobile, with or without the use of third-party CSS frameworks (eg. Bootstrap). Also, you are familiar with BEM naming conventions and know how to maintain high-performance Page speed numbers in a WordPress environment. You also have experience in implementing Fluid Typography when necessary. JavaScript: You have a solid knowledge of JavaScript (ESNext and JSX) and feel confident in using it to create Gutenberg Blocks based on WordPress Block API for an accompanying custom theme. You are acquainted with WordPress Interactivity API, Block Bindings API, Script Modules API, and Block hooks. Animation skills: You have expertise in creating engaging web animations, particularly with GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform), enhancing user experience and interface dynamism across web projects. Systemic and organized: You are well organized and understand the importance of a clean codebase and folder/file structure. We build solutions that can be scaled and used by the whole team. Accountable: You have a strong sense of commitment, accountability, and ownership. You are independent and will solve problems by taking matters into your hands if needed. You are a doer. Communication: You can easily communicate with your team members and clients, and are confident when it comes to elaborate your code. You will be part of client meetings to showcase your work and progress on a weekly basis. At the end of the project, you will lead a workshop to hand over the completed solution and guide the client on how to utilize the system you’ve developed. Languages: You are very fluent in English to engage with all international team members and clients.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Job date: Sat, 04 May 2024 22:52:52 GMT