Job title: DSA Manager – Mortgage

Company: humgrow.com

Job description: The DSA Manager focuses on building channel partners, particularly Direct Selling Agents (DSAs), to facilitate business acquisition. Responsibilities include developing and managing relationships with DSAs, as well as fostering ties with affordable housing builders and brokers to generate quality home loan leads. The role emphasizes creating new DSAs and managing existing partnerships based on business requirements. Additionally, the manager ensures adherence to SHDFC policies, promotes transparent practices and stays updated on industry trends. Effective communication, problem-solving, and customer support skills are essential. Proficiency in English, Regional Language, and Hindi is preferred, along with computer literacy in Microsoft Word, Excel, Email, and web-based systems.Requirements

  • Develop sales and marketing strategies and campaigns for clients, ensuring alignment with sales objectives.
  • Execute all sales activities within the allocated budget.
  • Manage collections efficiently, focusing on minimizing bounce cases within 0-12 and 13-24 months or more, as per organizational requirements.
  • Support digitization initiatives related to sales and other processes.
  • Maintain cash management according to SHDFC policies with utmost integrity.
  • Strive for overall performance improvement, considering branch balance scorecard metrics.
  • Establish new Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) and manage existing DSA relationships based on business requirements.
  • Cultivate relationships with affordable housing builders, brokers, and other partners to generate quality home loan leads.
  • Stay updated on SHDFC policies, products, pricing, and processes to optimize results.
  • Provide feedback on competition details to seniors or Head of Department (HOD).
  • Ensure transparent practices by accurately sharing customer, property, and seller information.
  • Oversee lead management, Work In Progress (WIP) file tracking, reject review, and timely disbursements.
  • Resolve instrument availability issues promptly.
  • Adhere to First Time Right (FTR) principles from application to disbursement to ensure excellent customer service and efficient Turnaround Time (TAT).
  • Manage print production, receipt, and distribution processes.
  • Lead and motivate a high-performing sales force towards achieving set targets.
  • Analyze potential strategic partner relationships for product line expansion.
  • Sell company products and services effectively in the target market.
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing existing products/services and increasing profitability.
  • Formulate annual sales quotas forecasts for regions to establish annual and gross-profit plans.

Location: Panipat, Haryana

Job date: Sat, 11 May 2024 22:52:51 GMT

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