Job title: Business co-ordinator customer

Company: Unified GlobalTech (I) Pvt Ltd

Job description: In this position, you must ensure that our day-to-day operations run smoothly, especially when they involve collaboration between multiple areas, Required to Coordinate with the Manufacturer and Marketing team and ensure that all documentation and information is provided correctly.

Must have knowledge about electronic components.

Videography & Editing part time job/internship at Delhi, Greater Noida in Miniboxoffice

RFQ to Quotation Management

  • Inquiry received from ERP/Sales/FAE/WEB/Principals.
  • Acknowledge sales request for quote
  • Screening of RFQ
  • Part Number is complete or not
  • If incomplete Part Number send it to FAE and get the complete part number
  • Check if same RFQ received from some other customer/principals
  • Check if it is Bidding/Production/Shortage Requirement.
  • Get the quotes from vendor and enter part, make qty as per MOQ/SPQ in ERP
  • check everything in terms of quoted price and margin details, Resale Pricing guidelines will be given by PM.
  • Quoted currency to be verified before forwarding the quote and ensure that cost details are not revealed to the sales.
  • send the quotation through ERP to FAE/Sales/sales coordinator (not customer in most cases) with terms and conditions.
  • Payment Term
  • Delivery Term
  • PO to be placed on which company
  • Handling charges if not meeting minimum order value
  • If any credit term is to be extended, check with immediate reporting Manager for approval
  • If target price is provided by customer, to check with supplier on the TP to be met and inform customer accordingly.
  • In case of technical clarification, route to PM/FAE
  • After quotation Follow up with sales for order.

Order Management

  • Order Received from sales through ERP.
  • Sales coordinator will share SO details to CS team enter SO details.
  • Detailed checking on the terms and schedules in the order is per the quote submitted
  • Any deviation in the order in terms of price, SPQ/MOQ, Lead Time, Late delivery Clause etc., customer to be informed and approval/written confirmation required
  • Check for the margins it meets UNIFIED standard margin
  • If any approval required, approach respective Product Manager/Kishor Jain
  • Send PO details to CS(customer Support ) team and purchaser with CPO and vendor quotation.
  • In case of Advance terms, CS team will issue Proforma-Invoice for TT remittance.
  • Upon receipt of payment with finance on receipt purchaser will process PO
  • On receipt of payment, purchase will process PO after customer payment.

Data Management :

  • POS(point of sale) file
  • SO-PO file
  • ERP Quotation management
  • Any Other documents management as per vendor request

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Job date: Wed, 08 Nov 2023 23:09:13 GMT