Job title: B2B (Project Sales)Mobility_Ranchi

Company: ABP Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Job description: JOB PURPOSE To develop assigned territory market with emphasis on improving the secondary sales volume / value annually from that cluster. Coordinate with existing channel partners or appoint new dealers / distributors for fulfillment of requirements to the end-customers BUSINESS VERTICAL (MOBILITY INFRA). Railway Stations – Hubs where passengers board and alight trains, offering amenities and ticketing services. Tracks – Network of parallel rails guiding trains, forming the backbone of rail transportation. Signals and Signage – Systems ensuring safe train movements, including lights and communication tools. Overheads and Electrification- Wires and cables supplying electricity to trains, enabling electrified rail transport. Metro Stations – Urban stops for accessing subway trains, equipped with platforms and ticketing facilities. Tunnels and Elevated Structures – Passages through cities, either underground or elevated, defining the metro’s route. Ticketing Systems – Fare collection and access control methods facilitating metro usage. Ports Harbors – Sheltered areas for ships to load and unload cargo and passengers. Terminals – Facilities with cranes and warehouses for efficient port operations. Navigational Aids – Systems aiding ship navigation, such as lighthouses and buoys. Roads Highways and Streets – Paved routes connecting cities, towns, and neighborhoods for vehicular movement. Bridges and Tunnels – Structures facilitating roadways over water bodies or through challenging terrains. Aviation Infrastructure Airports – Essential hubs facilitating air travel, with runways, terminals, and structures supporting passenger and cargo movement. Examples include Heathrow Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Terminal Operations Infra – Core functionalities within airport terminals, encompassing boarding gates, baggage handling, customs, and facilities ensuring smooth passenger transitions. Navigational Support Systems – Advanced technologies, like air traffic control towers and navigation equipment, guiding aircraft during takeoff, landing, and en-route operations. Ground Handling Infra – Fundamental ground-based support covering baggage handling, aircraft maintenance, and fueling, enhancing the overall efficiency of aviation operations. EV Infrastructure Charging Stations – Points with outlets for electric vehicles, from public stations to private installations. Grid Connectivity – Integration with the electrical grid to ensure a stable power supply for charging. Battery Swapping Stations – Facilities enabling quick exchange of electric vehicle batteries. JOB RESPONSIBILITY Primary Responsibility (Critical to the function – Must be done) Sales planning and management Achievement of secondary sales revenue in the assigned cluster Ensure complete market mapping, customer database in the assigned territory as per target Ensure customer centricity and control over demand generation through adequate and direct end-customer coverage Ensure adequate coverage of accounts across the market in the assigned territory as per the targets Channel and account management Owns the Go-To-Market strategy developed by the organization and ensure 100% implementation Improve brand presence in the assigned vertical Responsible for new account development and / or increasing share of wallet in existing accounts Appointment of channel partners in markets without direct presence and whitespaces Ensure healthy ROI and minimum earnings for the channel partners Consistent monthly billing of all channel partners and timely collection of all outstanding sales Secondary Responsibility(Other areas of responsibilities like follow ups, being backup for team members, other activities Stakeholder management Negotiate orders and seek support from the management for important pricing matters Coordinate with various functions in the company to ensure customer requests are handled up appropriately Ensure compliance on key input and output metrics (e.g., market working norms, primary and secondary metrics) Conduct promotional activities like dealer get together, contractors get together, factory visits if required ACCOUNTIBILITY & AUTHORITY Secondary sales achievement / growth vs. target Market expansion vs. target (both distribution and account expansion) Coverage and productivity (visits per day, #customers per month) End-customer landscape (% accounts with sales 1Cr. / % accounts covered) New customer accounts added per month Distribution health (growth in average DB size, Attrition)

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand

Job date: Sat, 04 May 2024 22:40:27 GMT