Job title: AsstDir-Human Resources

Company: Marriott

Job description: JOB SUMMARY Assists the Director of Human Resources in executing strategies that serve to attract, retain, and develop diverse premiere talent. Position directs and works with human resource employees to carry out the daily activities of the Human Resource Department, including recruitment, total compensation, employee relations, and training and development. Executes against objectives outlined in the Human Resources Business Plan and delivers services that meet or exceed the needs of employees and enable business success. Ensures compliance with applicable regulations and Standard Operating Procedures. CANDIDATE PROFILE Education and Experience . High school diploma or GED 4 years experience in the human resources, management operations, or related professional area. OR . 2-year degree from an accredited university in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related major 2 years experience in the human resources, management operations, or related professional area. CORE WORK ACTIVITIES Managing the Staffing and Recruiting Process . Ensures open positions are advertised in appropriate venues to attract a diverse candidate pool. . Ensures the open position listing is in a visible location for both internal and external candidates. . Works with Employment Administrator to establish and maintain contact with external recruitment sources (e.g., state job service, local colleges, recruiting agencies, and community based organizations). . Networks with local organization and peers to source candidates for current or future openings (e.g., Hotel Association). . Facilitates interdepartmental transfers and promotions and transfers or promotions to other properties within this property brand. . Oversees the selection and offer processes for hourly employees to ensure proper procedures are followed (e.g., valid reasons for selection/non-selection are documented, applicants receive status notifications). . Partners with department managers and recruiting professionals to recruit management positions, make hiring decisions and negotiate job offers in accordance with SOPs. Managing Legal and Compliance Practices . Ensures compliance with key policies (e.g., Sexual Harassment, Non-Harassment, Non-Discrimination, No Solicitation). . Ensures interviews are conducted according to recommended guidelines, consistent screening criteria is used, and only job-related questions are asked. . Ensures wages are paid in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and federal and state laws (e.g., employee pay for meeting attendance, wages limited to maximum rate of pay, entry level rates paid to new hires, overtime provisions in place, separation pay). . Ensures drug screening and background checks are completed in accordance with brand’s Standard Operating Procedures. Managing Benefits Education and Administration . Manages Workers Compensation claims to ensure appropriate employee care and costs management. . Educates employees on benefits package. . Educates HR team on the various types of benefits available and eligibility requirements. . Provides an overview of employee benefits to the management team enabling them to educate their employees and answer routine questions. . Ensures that department has the available resources on hand to administer employee benefits. Managing and Conducting Staff Development Activities . Ensures hourly performance appraisal processes are in place. . Assists in identifying key drivers of employee satisfaction and supports managers in addressing issues with written plans and actions. . Coaches managers on progressive discipline process. . Ensures development plans are in place (e.g., goals documented, progress towards goal achievement is measured). Managing Employee Relations and Human Resources Communication . Utilizes an ‘open door’ policy to address employee problems or concerns in a timely manner. . Ensures effective employee communication channels are established and active in. . Analyzes accident trends and reports these trends to the management team. . Monitors work environment for signs of union organization. When you join the Sheraton family, you become a member of its global community. We’ve been a place to gatherand connect since 1937. At Sheraton, associates create a sense of belonging in more than 400 communities around the world. We invite, we welcome, and we connect guests through engaging experiences and thoughtful service. If you’re a team player who is excited to deliverameaningful guest experience, we encourage you to exploreyour next career opportunitywith Sheraton. Join us on our mission to be ‘The World’s Gathering Place’. In joining Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, you join a portfolio of brands with Marriott International. Be where you can do your best work, begin your purpose, belong to an amazing globalteam, and become the best version of you.

Location: Lanka, Assam

Job date: Sat, 04 May 2024 22:11:15 GMT