Job title: Assistant Project Officer


Job description: The position holder will be responsible to lead a team of Community Social Worker , support them in developing and implementing plans as per the requirements of a project and ensure reporting of the works as appropriate. Accountable for ensuring child friendly village where every child is into school and receiving quality education. KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS: Programme Supervise and Support Community Social worker in Forming Stakeholder groups, such as Women groups, Youth groups in communities, schools and colleges. Ensuring and organising at least One meeting every month of each group Mahila Mandal, Yuva Mandal and Bal panchayat are conducted by themselves Identification of at Case Studies/Change story Identification of generic and unique issue every month and file complaints/FIRs to Government agencies and submit report of the same Meetings with Community member s/Government officials and other stakeholder groups and submit report of the same Ensuring and supporting in organising health, legal and other awareness camps in villages Meeting with all the Community social worker in a week, preparing report and submit it to the supervisor mentioning the outcome of the meeting. Undertaking daily field visit in a week to oversee implementation of agreed action plan and effectiveness of the field staffs Ensuring training and capacity building of community member, youth group/women groups/Parents/teachers/ Government officials and other stakeholders every month in every village. Organising at Awareness generation activities where both direct and indirect beneficiaries should participate Support in developing yearly, monthly action plan with requisition of budget. Identifying need based training of the field staff in accordance with organisational policy and organising the same with the consultation of Supervisor. Ensuring benefit for entire village community from the convergence of other Welfare schemes and government programmes, preparing report of the same and submit it to the supervisor. Ensuring every withdrawn child received legal aid and reporting the same to the supervisor Documentation Develop monthly action plans for respective villages in consultation with the villages community and supervisor and submit it before 30th of the Preceding month Prepare and submit monthly report in accordance with the action plan also indicating challenges faced and achieved outcomes by on 26th of every month to the supervisor. Consolidate all the daily dairies/report of the CSW, including own and submit it to the supervisor at the end of every month. Networking and advocacy Develop and maintain relationships with villages administration related to Bal Mitra Gram village, non-government organization as well as with the media in your area. Strengthening relationship with Government officials and Village panchayat people. Team Management Managing the day-to-day activities of the team. Motivating the team to achieve organizational goals. Administration and finance Maintain separate files for each project/ Villages/CSW Maintain records of budget requisitions and expenses made Additional Duties The duties and responsibilities as set out above are not exhaustive and you may be required to carry out additional duties within reasonableness of your level of skills and experience, as and when assigned by the supervisor Performance Indicators Above mentioned KRAs include timelines and deliverables to be submitted on a monthly and quarterly basis. Your work will be evaluated based on Adherence to timelines, level of execution, quality of work delivered, and creativity used to achieve the above mentioned deliverables. Your performance will be monitored and assessed on both a monthly as well as annually based on the above KRAs and performance Indicators. SKILLS REQUIRED: well versed in Hindi well-acquainted with rural setup of Jharkhand to be able to drive a two-wheeler will be helpful Educational Qualification and Work Experience A minimum of 2 to 4 years of work experience in the field of child rights, program implementation and management is required Holds a bachelor s degree/master s degree in social work, psychology, sociology, development studies or equivalent

Location: Koderma, Jharkhand

Job date: Fri, 29 Mar 2024 23:57:15 GMT