Job title: AGM health and safety


Job description:

  • EHS stands for Environmental, Health, and Safety. It is the responsibility of the AGM-EHS to ensure that all employees are following safety protocols and procedures.
  • Their major role of EHS manager or office is to prevent and eliminate injury and sickness to the employees. They assist companies to comply with safety laws in systematic and organized approach. They periodically inspect workplace and machinery to minimize or eliminate potential hazards such as, wrong working methods, high noise levels, contaminated drinking water, polluted air quality or toxic chemicals etc.
  • AGM- EHS play important role in terms of safety of employees. This includes conducting safety audits, investigating accidents, and developing safety programs
  • Support the development of OHS policies and programs
  • Advise and instruct on various safety-related topics (noise levels, use of machinery etc.)
  • Conduct risk assessment and enforce preventative measures
  • Review existing policies and measures and update according to legislation.
  • Initiate and organize OHS training of employees and executives.
  • Inspect premises and the work of personnel to identify issues or non-conformity (e.g. not using protective equipment).
  • Stop any unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy
  • Record and investigate incidents.
  • Prepare reports on occurrences and provide statistical information to upper management
  • Responsible for maintenance of documents for External Audits and Compliance of NC/Observations.
  • Plans and conducts Internal Audits and submit related reports.
  • Identifies corrective & preventive actions and follow up implementation.
  • Designs and implements review process to ensure ISO 9001 standards, HACCP, SOP, HIRA and SSOP programs, manuals and practices are up to date and implemented.
  • Review and give feedback on new or revised ISO 9001 standards, policies and work instructions.
  • Provides guidance to departments for document control and record keeping.
  • Confirming that materials, ingredients and so on are ethically or environmentally sourced
  • Providing environmental training to staff at all levels.
  • keeping up to date with relevant changes in environmental legislation and initiatives including international legislation where applicable
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency.
  • Record test results and maintain appropriate documentation.
  • Select produce samples for food safety, time study, and quality control testing.
  • Report and assist with correcting any unsanitary conditions in food storage areas as well as employee work areas
  • Checking of area Housekeeping and material stacking.
  • Help develop, maintain, and update all records, manuals, training procedures, product specific books as pertain to food safety and quality control.
  • Assist with preparation for any and all food safety audits
  • Ensure Fire Fighting prevention systems periodic checking and plan for mock drills.
  • Assign duties of safety officer, Fireman and other team members of the department.
  • Procedures concerning the implementation and development of occupational health and safety and its monitoring.
  • Implement and follow up hierarchy of controls at site.
  • Plant area inspection for identification of any unsafe act/condition and their compliance.
  • Taking initiatives for awareness and motivational program.
  • Ensure and enforcement of EHS rules at plant.
  • Ensure effectiveness of Emergency team and procedure.


Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Job date: Fri, 03 May 2024 04:39:03 GMT

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